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December 2021 » - the automotive fine art portal

The | automotive fine art portal continues as part of the magazine and is a gateway devoted to the exhibition of automotive themed artist's work. The gallery exhibitors area features new art and has been completely updated effective April 1st. Check it out: »

Update: March 2022 issue is moved to May...

As we move into the second-plus year of the COVID19 pandemic and its variants, the death toll was been moderated in most countries thanks to the tireless work of frontline medical workers who are without a doubt the unsung heroes in all of this and owed an immense debt of gratitude...

Many shows and activities were canceled in the early part of this year making the display of art in a "live" setting much more challenging. An example of this is the annual Paris Retromobile show which I have been pleased to attend as an ArtistAuto member. After being canceled in 2021, it was rescheduled for February of 2022 and then moved to March. Because of the short notice rescheduling, I wasn't able to attend and it also made it difficult for a group exhibit... although some members did participate in a somewhat smaller show.

As a consequence of this and other cancellations and reschedules, we've decided to postpone the March 2022 issue to allow time to assemble art directed stories and profiles. Watch for the issue in May. (You can sign up below for automatic new issue notification by email.)

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank our many contributors and especially Rob Alen, Tony Clark and Wallace Wyss for their continued excellence in reporting and look forward to their future stories.


Our publication continues... the last five years of issues have been archived and continue to be available to you. Our almost constant change in layouts to accommodate ever-changing screens has resulted in the reformatting and relaunching of a number of these earlier editions... see a convenient and concise index of archived back issues here:

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Jay Koka, Publisher | the automotive fine art portal a permanent part of the magazine


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