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I am really pleased to present updated stories on well-known artists... colleagues for years in both AFAS and Artist'Auto.

Lawrence Braun is a sculptor working in Colorado, US. Longtime AFAS member we last reviewed his work in August 2010. Catch up with his latest activities... »Lawrence Braun

Yahn Janou lives and works in Paris, France. He is the president of the European based Artist'Auto group. Take a look at his latest work... »Yahn Janou

Klaus Wagger is an Artist'Auto member from Austria. We reviewed his work in March 2013 and I am happy we caught up with him again with an update... »Klaus Wagger


I first attended the events of the now so-called "Car Week" in 1989, whilst applying for membership in the Automotive Fine Arts Society. Successful, I then continued to attend for 29 consecutive years. What starting out as an exciting yet relaxed week or so surrounded by genuine car enthusiasts of every interest from concours to racing... changed year after year until it has now turned into... I will let Rob Alen present his impressions of the various current activities. » ...more.


Earlier this year I was booked (flights, hotel, rentals) for the after-COVID full-scale return of the Artist'Auto group to the January RetroMobile show in Paris. Sadly... I had to cancel at the last minute as a result of conflicting responsibilities. But I'm all set and rebooked again for 2024... this time, I'm going...period (unless of course something gets in the way again!)


The Cobble Beach Concours d'Elegance located in southern Ontario returned for its 9th year... some nice cars, nice art and some exciting weather! Take a look » ...more

The auto art exhibition featured as part of the San Marino Motor Classic event returned for its second year...reviewed here... » ...more


Tony Singer has announced that his show Automobilia will return for the 20th annual expo in 2024. The 3 day show takes place August 12 to 14, 2024, during "Car Week" in Monterrey in the Ballroom of The Embassy Suites.


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Car Week Events / Pebble Beach Concours 2023

Story by Rob Alen, images by Rob Alen, Wallace Wyss and Tony Singer

The motor>spirit has returned from a ROAD TRIP to Monterey Car Week...a chance on the drive to eat Fritos without guilt and listen to AC/DC at redline levels that would scare the neighbors. First stop:  Automobilia in Seaside for special, rare motoring souvenirs; it attracts the notables like Nick Mason, Ferrari collector and drummer for Pink Floyd. Car Week brings an estimated 85,000 attendees to the Monterey Peninsula, an estimated $65 million in visitor spending, $48 million in hotel revenue (per the Convention-Visitors Bureau).  There are many events; for the most part you could pass on events with the triple- digit ($$$) admission prices, most are commercial trade shows disguised as gourmet and cocktail receptions.  The Rolex Motorsports Reunion goes back to 1974; historic race cars seen where they first became famous.  Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance ceremonies were of the familiar routine, the Best of Show celebratory confetti was the same color as last year (yellow).  Casa Ferrari, on Pebble Beach's first fairway, had the best DJ mix of the weekend. The auctions dominated at least half of the week's zeitgeist.

Cobble Beach Concours 2023

Story and images by Jay Koka
The 9th edition of the Concours will be remembered for a spectacular lineup of cars along with a most odd interruption. The show started with good vibes... good weather, great cars and a nice crowd assembling on the show field. All good... until about 11 am when the emergency sirens went off followed by an urgent message that the show field had to be immediately evacuated because of a major storm about to move into the site. All complied, many sat it out in buildings on the property for about an hour and a half for what turned out to be not quite so bad weather. At 12:30 pm, the sun broke through and everyone returned to finish up an excellent show. Best of show was Greg Ornazian's 1929 Cord L-29. Gord Walker and Jay Koka exhibited their artwork.

San Marino Motor Classic

Story and images by Richard Pietruska
The San Marino Motor Classic took place in San Marino, CA the week following Pebble Beach. Lots of beautiful cars on the field and a display of great automotive art. The art show included 10 artists showcasing everything from sculptures, original paintings and prints and was hosted by Bonhams with a great cocktail party on Saturday afternoon, the day before the show opened for the public. Overall it was a fun event where we got together with friends and fellow artists. Unfortunately attendance was impacted by the extreme heat on both days.

motor>spirit - Rob Alen

 Fine Art Gallery

The autoartgallery fine art portal gallery features a world-leading group of painters and sculptors of automotive fine art.

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