UNDERPAINTING: September and December 2017

Jay Koka, Publisher

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December 2017

We thought it would be difficult to assemble two annual editions when we started this publication a number of years ago. As it turns out, it is.
But we also find that there are often timely subjects that shouldn't wait for the next issue, which in the case of this issue would be March/April 2018.
So we've decided to release an interim issue about 3 months into the current issue's life to add, augment, update and refresh subjects.
In this Update issue:

» The RAC Art of Motoring Show by European correspondent Tony Clark

» A 20 year revisit with AFAS member artist James Dietz

» A "For Sale" page

» A number of new stories in the   DETOURS section


Tom Fritz, chairman of the Membership Committee advises that AFAS received a record number of applications for Guest Artist invitation to exhibit in 2018. The final Guest Artist list will be published in the March 2018 issue of this magazine. On a sadder note, Dean Adams, featured in an article in the September issue, was not successful in the membership invitation vote.

September 2017

A great source of pride for me in this publication comes from the fact that we now have readers in over 20 countries. Our goal was and continues to be to present a publication of interest to all…


All who have been with us since our launch some 8 years ago have experienced the mind-spinning number of design versions we have gone through. Our very earliest issues have been removed because they simply would not work on small screens… like smartphones… which our research shows have become the tool that is ever-increasingly used to access the publication. To this end we have continuously fine-tuned the layout to support small screens to the point where now, the magazine layout is built to accommodate the small screen first, then the larger… a complete reversal in targeting. Of course we could produce a dedicated mobile and desktop version, but economics prohibits that right now and so the streamlined layout will continue into the forseeable future.


This almost constant change in layouts to accommodate every-changing screens has resulted in the removal of a number of artist feature stories. We have reformatted and relaunched a number of these from the earliest and now gone editions... take a look here: Archived Artist Stories


I am thrilled and honored to report that I have been allowed to join Artist Auto, a European group of automotive themed artists, at their annual show at Retromobile in Paris, France next February. Look for a complete… and completely personal… report on the show in the spring 2018 issue.

I very rarely miss the annual AFAS show at Pebble Beach, in fact only two or three times in the last 28 years. I did not attend this year. One of the perks of being the publisher is that I get to assign the story to myself and Cathy (my wife) for photography. It is a story I have always enjoyed working on. However, this year, the AFAS Premier Show is presented by our west coast correspondent Wallace Wyss with photography from a number of sources but primarily by Bill Michalak. Review their outstanding work here: AFAS at Pebble Beach 2017


Speaking about Wallace Wyss… he returns with his annual report on his pilgrimage to the Monterey Peninsula for “car week”. An entertaining look in front of and behind the scenes at this major annual event written by a car enthusiast, artist and journalist. Take a look: Car Week 2017


Long time Art Center professor and AFAS member and member of the AFAS board, Richard Pietruska is revisited at 20 years in our irregular feature aimed at catching up with comings and goings of the subject artist. All who know Richard know that he is a man of relatively few words. Fortunately we were able to squeeze enough words out of him to present his story: Richard Pietruska


One or more Guest Artists are invited to exhibit at the annual AFAS Pebble Beach show with the aim of being invited initially for Associate Membership and ultimately as a Member. Dean Adams was invited for the 2017 show but the voting has not yet been completed. Take a look at his work while we await the result… Dean Adams


Don't forget to take a look at our regular   DETOURS feature for bits and pieces of the last 6 months...


Finally, I gratefully acknowledge the large number of contributors for this edition... Tom Hale, Michael Irvine, Charles Maher, Rob McCleese, Bill Michalak, Bill Mihalic, Gord Walker, Phil Ward, Wallace Wyss, and the members of the Automotive Fine Arts Society.

Thanks for visiting our latest issue. As always, I welcome your comments...

Jay Koka, Publisher
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