"There is beauty in the often ignored subjects of the world," says Sandrine "I deliberately present these engines as rugged, beating hearts of the car. Elements such as the rust and metal become a means of expression."

"I find it more interesting to explore the interior of the machine, in order to extract its essential, rather than to stop at its external aspects."

Below: "Bentley" 100X100 cm, acrylic on brushed aluminium

Sandrine Blondel is passionate about industrial wastelands and things mechanical. Ten years ago, she started working on raw linen canvas with, as a reference, an interpretation in a three-color process inspired by the Bernd and Hilla Becher retrospective in Beaubourg. She then chose to treat this theme on wide plates of steel structured by rust, and more recently on aluminium. Painting on metal requires a special technique developed throughout the years to release energy and vibration, through a touch tending towards the instinctive… while remaining of figurative art. By choosing metallic structure covered with resin, she expresses a powerful materialization of the theme, for a complete osmosis between the structure and the subject. Her artwork brings the engines to life in vibrant colors against metallic backgrounds.

"Ferrari quatrovalvole" 75X75 cm, acrylic on aluminium,

"Big Allis" 150X150 cm, acrylic on brushed aluminium

"Lotus Cortina" 75X75 cm, acrylic on brushed aluminium

Born in Paris in 1964, since the age of 10 she went on with her studies in the outskirts of Paris while travelling to Africa 3 months a year, where her mother drove Land Rovers as a specialized tour guide in deserts crossings. These thousands of miles on trails with her mother created her fascination for motor engines and machineries. She graduated from ESAG/MET DE PENNINGHEN in Paris in 1987 in the Graphic Arts section and moved to Abidjan – Ivory Coast to work as an Artistic Manager in an advertising agency. She then returned to France where she worked as a free lance Artistic Director and painter. Since 2000, Sandrine has devoted herself solely to painting in her studio in Paris and in the south of France.

Traveling is for her a constant source of inspiration and a way to look at the world differently. It is an important component of her creative approach. That is one reason why a new studio will be ready within a year in the region of Salento in Italy returning her to her Italian origins.

She has shown her work in exhibits across Europe and the U.S. (Blondel became an Associate Member of AFAS in August 2016)

"Rolls Royce Silver Ghost" 100X100 cm, acrylic on brushed aluminium