Osman Arik

Editor's Note: We received a note and a collection of images from Osman about one year ago. He had sent the material as an application to be invited as a guest artist for that year's AFAS Pebble Beach show. The membership committee voted to extend an invitation but was susequently unable to make contact. The magazine has also tried to contact Osman and we too have been unsuccessful. We will continue in our efforts but in the meantime, we present a review of his work and a brief biography.

"I was born in Ankara,Turkey in 1987. I completed my primary, high school and college education in Ankara.

I started Gazi University, Faculty of Education, Art Teacher Education Department in 2005. I graduated from Söbütay Özer and Erol Batırberk Painting Studios of the same department in 2009.

I (have) resided in US for three months with a Work and Travel Program in 2008.

I worked in Muzebus Project for three years, which is a joint project made by İstanbul Rahmi Koç Museum and Ministry of National Education. Within the scope of this project, I gave a high number of seminars throughout Turkey, mainly visiting village schools.

Also, painted cars all of my free time. I am currently painting in my own workshop."

Osman Arik