Gary Whinn

Gary Whinn
Bryndu Bwlch-y-ffridd
United Kingdom SY16 3JN
Tel: +44 (0)1686 650530

:: www.auto-art.co.uk

I was 43 years old before I saw my first Deusenberg "in the metal" and it was an experience that hit me with a child-like enthusiasm that I couldn't wait to get down on canvas. The joy of discovery is a powerful inspiration for any artist.

I have always had an equally strong interest in the tools of painting – technique, composition, colour - especially when used to depict the human figure bathed in atmospheric light. Cars too can produce a remarkable visual feast because they are such great objects for capturing light effects. By blending the traditions of automotive and figurative art, I have worked over the years at combining these two interests to develop my own personal style.

It is human nature to respond to a good story and I therefore aim to create a sense of "theatre" in my work. Both cars and paintings affect us on emotional, psychological and aspirational levels and I enjoy creating a narrative in my paintings to try to evoke these responses featuring small human dramas played out against a backdrop of iconic machines.

This creative process is both mysterious and very satisfying and when somebody buys a painting because it is a powerful reminder to them of a scene from their own life it completes a very rewarding experience. It never ceases to be a thrill that through my work I have in some way communicated with a perfect stranger on an emotional level – the greatest reward for an artist.