Tom Hale

Tom Hale
37986 Tralee Trail
Northville, MI, 48167 USA
Tel: 1-248-476-9529

I feel very fortunate that I am able to create paintings that are important to me. It is what I do, it is what I love and it is my life. I've never fully understood the creative process as it is exciting, frustrating, painful at times, distracting, elusive and appears to be a never ending struggle. But for some unknown reason, it persists in compelling me to continue to create paintings.

I am not satisfied with the status quo and want to continually evolve my art. No finished piece is good enough and the next painting simply needs to be better.

I choose to show detail compositions of automobiles and am fascinated with the reflective surfaces and attempt to create shapes - some realistic and many abstract to enhance these surfaces. Beginning in 1992, at the suggestion of my late wife Micki, I added floral images to my compositions. These are both challenging and exciting and complement the hard reflective surfaces of the automobile with the softness and organic qualities found in flowers. Some of these floral compositions become surreal with the use of scale and their juxtaposition with the automobile.

With my intimate views of automobiles, I want the viewer to see the automobile in ways they never imagined. There is much beauty in these intimate views and for me, a great opportunity to explore and discover those art qualities that I find important and fascinating.