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Art Fitzpatrick
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“Fitz’s” resume is a listing of years of accomplishments, but he is best known for 1959-1971 Pontiac Wide Track advertising. Much of the work seen here is from that record-breaking campaign that still resonates today. Credited with dramatically transforming Pontiac’s image, driving sales from 7th to 3rd place, it’s a compelling testimony to the power of visual persuasion.

Fitz began his career at 18 as an automotive designer with John Tjaarda at Briggs Body (LeBaron) in Detroit in 1937, and at 20 he was in Hollywood with Dutch Darrin, designing the 4-door Darrin Packards, followed by work at Packard on the new Clipper. Lured by Madison Ave. into the advertising world after WW II service in the Navy, his new career became 8 years of Lincoln and Mercury ads, plus those of 5 other cars. In 1949 he put the talents of the late Van Kaufman to work painting figures and backgrounds in the Mercury ads, beginning a collaboration and friendship that last, until Vans death in 1995.

1953 began an unprecedented artist/client relationship, an exclusive contract with General Motors that ran for 21 years. It resulted in award-winning advertising art and graphic design for the Corporation, Buick, GM/Canada, GM/Europe, and the 13 years of pace setting work for the Pontiac Division. Other clients included major magazines and Fortune 500 corporations such as General Electric, Uniroyal, Chris-Craft, and Texaco.

There were over 40 awards for art, advertising, and design, (including top awards in international competition from among thousands of entrants). The work was recognized by millions, seen in magazines all over the world for nearly 30 years . Feature articles on his life and work have appeared in leading automotive magazines in the U.S., England, Japan, South Korea,and Russia, and in books on art, advertising, and automobiles. Its been said that his work has inspired and guided at least three generations of automotive designers and illustrators.

His recent work includes the five popular car illustrations featured in the "America on the Move" postage stamps for the U.S. Post Office. In six months they had joined the top 25 of all commemorative stamps in history, 38,000,000 having been bought as collectibles. The postcards in four months became the best selling cards of 2005, beating out Disneys by over two to one. Fitz Is also given a screen credit for his consulting with PIXAR Studios on their new feature film Cars.

He is an Honorary Member of both the AFAS and the Classic Car Club of America.