Nicolas Dubost

Story material provided by Nicolas Dubost, edited by Jay Koka

Nicolas Dubost is a French painter, sculptor and visual artist. He was born in 1972 in Dieppe, the city that hosted the Renault Alpine factory in 1969… perhaps a sign of fate to come. He left the classic Norman fishing port at the age of 16 and began studying as a painter. After meeting with a professional apprenticeship master who was passionate about his profession, Dubost specialized in writing about and painting decoration of exterior and interior.

After trying his hand at a “salary” life and not finding it to his liking, he decided in 1997, in the region of Eure, to create his own company: that of a Graphic Designer - Decorator. He quickly targeted his professional life developing a customized painting activity for motorcycles and helmets. He painted with a gun, airbrush, and uses brushes for the letters. This activity led him little by little to develop skills in all materials. Entirely self-taught, he also experimented shaping of all forms materials by working with sheet metal, steel, aluminum and resin.

The automobile became a definitive source of inspiration.

Dubost developed a marked taste for Automotive Art on all its forms. Sculpture, painting on canvas, engraving.... he first chose the path of airbrush painting which offered him a way to channel and express the profusion of ideas that spring from his mind.

Passionate about cars, he finds in their curves a source of inspiration without limit that he distills in each of his works… making sure to always echo the history of the automobile. He creates his works by forming, shaping and sculpting them with resin and aluminum… polishing them, painting them with a paint gun, airbrush and brush, and engraving them.

After a few years of working in the shadows, Dubost, encouraged by his wife, decided to expose his works to the general public in 2014 exhibiting for the first time at the Auto Moto Rétro show in Rouen (in Seine Maritime). From 2015 on he has participated in major events like Rétromobile in Paris, Epoqu'Auto Internationnal in Lyon, Le Mans Classic in Le Mans and many more.

In 2017, he decided to devote himself exclusively to his art passion and stepped away from his business as a Graphic Designer-Decorator. He is today a full-time artist working in France.

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