Publisher's Note: The Automotive Fine Arts Society (AFAS) holds its annual group show during the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance held each August near Carmel, California, USA. A range of Guest Artist invitations are extended to successful applicants for the purpose of potential membership in the Society. A member's meeting is conducted the day after the show in which members have an opportunity to discuss the work of the Guest Artists and vote on acceptance into the Society as an Associate Member, which is the first step. Six new Associate members were accepted in the August 2018 meeting. We will present brief profiles on each in coming issues... here's the first...

Hendrik Mueller

Hendrik Mueller, born 1949 in Germany. (Mueller's last name is actually Müller but some applications have problems with the accent so we've opted for a safer version)

Drawing and painting have been fascinating Hendrik Mueller since his childhood, and even then cars were his favorite subject. At the time, however, he was drawing futuristic fantasy cars he wished to drive as a grown-up.

After an apprenticeship as a store decorator, he worked as a screen printer, photographer and lettering artist.

Since 1977 he has been a self-employed as a graphic artist, illustrator and painter. A self-taught artist, he acquired the skills needed for his professional activities on his own.

The passion of this “auto” didactic has been recognized by several major companies. More than 40 covers of the BMW magazine have featured his art and BMW commissioned him to provide original big screen paintings for their automobile show booths in Tokyo, Japan and Torino, Italy.

His paintings of classic vintage cars, painstakingly executed with photographic precision, seem to carry the scent of oil, lacquer, leather and rubber.

He prefers working in acrylic and oil on canvas and some of his images literally jump off the frame of the canvas. To this day Mueller is still thrilled at the moment when the paint on canvas appears to change, like alchemy, into chrome, copper, brass and the engines roar to life.

His work has been exhibited in shows like Retromobile (Paris), Classic EXPO Salzburg (Austria), Geneva Classics (Switzerland),

Schloss Dyck (Germany), Schloss Schwetzingen (Germany) and is appreciated by collectors around the world in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Italy, Great Britain, USA, Japan and Russia.

Another one of Hendrik’s passions, opera, is reflected in his regular work as stage designer for several opera festivals in Salzburg (Austria), Skive (Denmark) and Schloss Amerang (Germany).

At times he exchanges his paint brushes for car mechanic tools to maintain his small truck, a 1932 Renault Camionette, which he uses to participate in numerous rallies.

Hendrick brings these vintage vehicles to life in a renovated barn studio in the countryside of deep Bavaria, within sight of the alps and surrounded by a collection of vintage bicycles, books and other classic artifacts of inspiration.

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