Stanley Rose – The wheels of life

Just published. If you like painting then you will be interested in the work of AFAS member Stanley Rose. The originality of this painter and his unique style make him one of the “monstres sacrés" in the world of motor car art.

His style and his manner are as easily recognisable as they are refined. He’s not a hyper-realist although his technical mastery is close to this school of art. His associations are always evocative, frequently off-beat and improbable. He achieves the feat of providing us with an on-going dazzling spectacle always tinged with fantasy and emotion thanks to his mastery of the art of colour.

Rose is an artist by vocation as well as training and his life’s quest has been driven by his personal search for meaning. His ethical imperative pushed him to search and experiment tirelessly until one day it all fell into place! And he will continue in the same vein without ever giving in to the easy way out or routine. This superb book is devoted to this skilled and sensitive artist. It contains his most beautiful works and in it the reader will discover the life of this single-minded, endearing individual.

It also contains tributes from men like Ralph Lauren, an industrious and tireless creator who cannot accept even the slightest hint of bad taste, as well as other amazing contributions from a wide range of well-known figures from different walks of life like Gordon Murray, Tom Kristensen, Thierry Boutsen, Johnny Rives, François Chevalier, Patrick Peter and the well-known radio host on RTL Georges Lang, among others.

The motor car figures prominently in the book as well as the motorbike, horses, music, femininity, leather, draping, doubt, hope, serenity passion – life in fact.

The book is published in two editions: a standard "Passion Edition" and a limited "Privilege Edition" of 100 signed and numbered in a boxed set which includes 12 fine art prints. Order direct from the publisher.

Edition Details
"Stanley Rose: The wheels of life"
-Bilingual book in French and English

Author : Philippe Guyé - Foreword by David Waldron, Preface by Laurent Hériou
204 pages Italian format 26x29 cm (about 10.4 x 11.6")

Passion Edition: approx US$99 (€84) in slip cover.

Privilege Edition: (100 signed/numbered, includes portfolio of 12 30x40cm (approx 12x16") fine art prints)
approx US$583 (€495)

Publisher: JAMVAL Editions

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