“The PADUA SHOW was a positive and pleasant first experience for three French artists from the Paris area.” says Sandrine Blondel, “ artists were very well received by the director of the fair. Combining automotive art with a prestigious car show was a new experience at this venue. It seems that until now the Italians had not mixed the two and so despite… or perhaps because of this… we generated a lot of interest. “

The exhibiting group was exposed to a broad international clientele: Italian, German, English, Russian and Czech. The layout of the show is very pleasant when the weather is nice because it is made up of several large buildings connected to each other by tree-lined avenues, cafeterias and exhibitions of vehicles ranging from a superb Lamborghini tractor up to a large selection of vintage used cars.

Not to mention the Chianti and delicious pizzas ... The location of Padua at just 20 minutes by train from Venice makes for a great time surrounding the show dates.

“We will be back next year... "

Thanks to Sandrine Blondel for this “on the spot” report.

Guest Artists for 2018 AFAS Show at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance
Tom Fritz, AFAS Membership Committee chairman says that the Society had a record number of Guest Artist applications for 2018. The committe has done it's work and the Society is pleased to announce this exceptionally international list of Guest Artists for 2018:

Toshiharu Inagaki (Japan)

Yahn Janou (France)

Steven Maciejczyk (US)

Dan McCrary (US)

Hendrik Muller (Germany)

Makoto Ouchi (Japan)

Porsche Literature Swap Meet swells into four day event...
By Wallace Wyss

I have been to many one-marque club events but I have to say that the enthusiasm shown at the annual Porsche event each winter in Los Angeles (USA) is unbounded. The event keeps stretching from the original one day show to four days now each March. Originally it was dubbed the LA Literature Meet. Now it has expanded to include a car show, a museum visit, and a bus tour to various Porsche businesses that call Los Angeles home.

The first day at the LAX Hilton is a frenzy of activity. The ballroom is so crowded with Porsche people selling restoration parts, reproduction parts, original catalogs, original posters, original era model cars, that you have to squeeze through the crowd. Parking is quite expensive. You can also pay

an extra fee to go in early if you are the type for whom money is no object if, by paying extra, you get what you have been searching for for decades (...say like an original Carrera owner’s manual from the fifties). Thursday and Friday there’s a bus tour to see the Porsche shops in the area. For 2018 they added the Petersen Museum and Vault, the vault being an underground 5-story garage that houses the many cars they have been donated but have no place for in the collection. They have just opened a display called The Porsche Effect which will be the largest display of historical Porsche road and racecars outside of the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart. That display will run for several months if you missed this event.
There's a tour of Porsche shops that's free as far as entering the shops but $60 for the bus. Among the shops this year were

TRE Motorsports, John Esposito’s and The  Sierra Madre Collection. They really pack a lot into Friday before the Saturday Lit Meet Including Willhoit’s Cookout and Callas Rennsport's Open House. A Swiss artist who creates T-shirts and fine art with his art,has a party as well, his business is called Klasse 356 / Hunziker in Torrance. In restorations, Steve Hogue Fabrications shows how far you can go in a restoration as does Wilhoit Auto Restorations of Long Beach, CA.

As far as art, I’d say only a few spectators come to this event thinking of art: most are looking for original this and original that, but they certainly are a prosperous group of enthusiasts that are very, very knowledgeable.

THE AUTHOR: Wallace Wyss can be reached at Photojournalistpro2@gmail.com

Twenty-five Years and Many Miles
Jay Koka created the poster art for the 1992 Meadow Brook Concours d’Elegance. A major work at 40x54”, the acrylic on masonite panel painting was purchased by the late George and Tina Milidrag at the Concours. The painting then moved around from one end of the US to the other in the subsequent years. It has now been purchased into a private collection in Canada. So far, it’s not that different from many other painting “stories”. But here’s the punch line – after all these years and all these miles, the painting will take up residence just one mile from where it was created!

Chapple with Tom Hale (left)

From left to right Michael Smicoe, current head of design at GM. Wayne Cherry, Ed Welburn, Chapple.

AFAS member David Chapple has been commissioned by the Eyes on Design show to create a sculpture for the event as this year's poster artist. 

The 2018 event honors Edward T. Welburn automobile designer and General Motors' Vice President of Global Design from 2003 to 2016.

There have only been 7 heads of GM design since 1930, pictured with Chapple are the past three.


Welburn hosted the the poster unveiling event at his restored firehouse in Detroit, known as Ladder 12. The unveiling was well attended by the industry and press.